A Brief History

Happy 50th Anniversary to Us!

A Brief History

Full Tan Sun Club has been a continuously operating full Nudist campground since 1968.

Our beautiful natural surroundings always offer us new and creative ideas for developing the property and taking the camp to the next level of comfort.

We pride ourselves in accommodating our guests and welcoming them as our new friends.

We extend a warm invitation to families, couples and singles alike, to drive out and visit FULL TAN and experience the ambiance and friendship of our club....where there's no lines on our behinds!

For further information on how to stay with us, become a member, or attend any of our many events throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, feel free to contact us using the information below.

Naturally Yours,

Kerrianne Doyle, Owner

Many Thanks to All Those That Made Our 50th Anniversary Special!