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  • COVID-19 UPDATED MAY 1, 2023

    Please Note* All COVID-19 related regulations are subject to change. Check back often for updates before your next visit.

    The following restrictions are in addition to our regular policies:

    1. Face coverings should NOT be worn by individuals while they are in the water.

    2. If you become ill with a fever, dry cough, or sore throat during your stay, please notify staff by phone, leave the property as soon as possible and contact your primary care physician.

    3. If immediate medical attention is needed due to the worsening of these symptoms, call 911 and tell dispatch that you are experiencing symptoms typically associated with COVID19.

    4. Practice proper respiratory hygiene by covering coughs and sneezes with tissues or by placing your upper arm over your mouth and nose. Dispose of soiled tissues immediately after use.

    5. Practice proper hand hygiene. Regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds should be done:

    · Before and after eating.

    · After sneezing, coughing, or nose blowing.

    · After using the restroom.

    · Before handling food.

    · After touching or cleaning surfaces that may be contaminated.

    · After using shared equipment and supplies.

    · If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

    · Use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers by children should always be supervised by adults.

    Restrooms and showers are available. No more than 2 people in any of these buildings at the same time.

    Transient campers and day visitors MUST call at the gate before entering the campground. You will at that time be given any COVID-related instructions on what you will need to do upon entering.

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